Technology – Core Solutions and Features

The patented architecture developed by Sirab Technologies to solve challenges in automated transportation solutions focuses on below functional features. These functionalities are fully modular to implement.

  • Automated Lane Keeping System – Automated Lane Keeping goes beyond an assist system, where in an assist system, human driver is still responsible for keeping vehicle in the lane. Our lane keeping system is fully independent to human presence in driver’s seat and is more reliable than the painted lane markers or magnetic guidance systems.
  • Automated Docking – Automated docking allows vehicle to stop at designated location precisely. This safety-critical application is critical in application such as parking a bus in bus bay or stopping a truck for loading or unloading containers.
  • Automated Platooning – Automated Platooning allows for vehicles to move much closer and reducing the distance between the vehicles to less than 10m. This improves lane capacities, improves utilization of road infrastructure. Platooning also contributes to reducing aerodynamic drag on the vehicle and thereby improving fuel efficiencies of the vehicles.
  • Forward Collision Warning Systems – The Warning System detects key objects such as other vehicles, human and animals and provides appropriate warning alerts and support in avoiding an imminent collision.

Key Expertise

  • Autonomous Ground Vehicles based on Radars, Inertial Navigation Units with Guidance, Navigation and Control technologies.
  • Embedded Systems Software Development
  • Safety-Critical Wireless Communications.
  • Safety and Security Critical Real-time Operating Systems
  • Separation and Partitioning Kernels, Hypervisors
  • Wireless And Wireline Communications
  • Hard and Soft Real-Time Embedded Systems and Software
  • Mission Assurance and Certifications
  • Systems Engineering and Modeling

Patents & Technology Affiliations

  • US10196069B2 – Methods and Systems of Algorithmically Controlling Automotive functions
  • US20190196478A1 – Automated Driving System and Method for Road Vehicles
  • US20190243378 – Radar-based Guidance and Wireless Control for Automated Vehicle Platooning and Lane Keeping on an Automated Highway System
  • Member of SAE Functional Safety Working Group in US – ISO/PAS 21448: Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF)
  • Member of IEEE P2846 WG – Formal Model for Safety Considerations in Automated Vehicle Decision Making

Our Value Proposition

Sirab Technologies leverages radar techniques that are highly proven to demonstrate that these solutions could offer high accuracy and precision, low false alarm rates, and superior performances when compared with other approaches being pursued globally.

Technology Involved in Sirab's Primary Guidance System

  1. Structured Guidance system in dedicated lanes using on-board radars and high RCS reflectors optimized for radar detection and measurement accuracy.
  2. Technology to allow vehicles for structured high-speed merging and demerging without impacting the flow and speeds in the dedicated road lane.
  3. Allows Hard-Realtime, coordinated, synchronous control for platooning – to achieve desired safety standards that aids vehicle fuel savings, higher lane capacity, while improving traffic flow and reducing traffic jams.
  4. Safety Assurance – a deterministic, safer, realistic approach with limited need for operational maintenance
  5. Technology solutions that augment the comfort for the driver without concerns of loss of jobs – a key concern to the government and public utilities.