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Advanced technologies for automated road transportation – safe, reliable, fast and fully automated guidance system

About Sirab Technologies

Safety     Integrity     Reliability     Assurance     Balance

Sirab Technologies is founded with the vision to provide innovative technologies and services for the Defense and Transportation markets. Sirab Technologies brings together advanced R&D, software development, test and certification services for mission-critical systems.

Globally, the majority of road accidents are caused by human error. In some regions, it is estimated to be as high as 90%. Road accidents are counted as one of the leading cause of unnatural deaths. Sirab Technologies with its unique approach is tackling this challenge with SAE Level 4 solutions for automated vehicles, especially buses and trucks. It is well known that transportation automation reduces human errors. At the same time, it is equally critical to establish safety assurance before autonomous vehicles are deployed on the road.

Sirab Tech Core Features

The unique approach taken by Sirab Technologies to solve transportation safety and traffic congestion solutions will offer a significant impact on society.

  • Improve safety of travel – saving lives and people from hard injuries
  • Greatly improve Road Lane Capacities by 5 times
  • Improve distance covered by vehicles a day by 4 times
  • Significantly reduce cost of road transportation.
  • Over 10% energy savings due to platooning of vehicles
  • Offer travel comfort comparable to high-speed rail.

Awards & Recognition

ANIC Grant Funding

Bosch Startup Alliance Program, 2020

Anaheim, California,

Annual New Champions Summit, China, 2018

Silicon Valley, 2019