About Us

About Sirab Technologies

Sirab Technologies is founded with the vision to solve the fundamental challenges of traffic congestion and safety. Sirab Technologies comes with a deep understanding of safety-critical and security-critical systems for aerospace and railways and is leveraging the expertise in developing automated vehicle guidance systems with an architecture that is modular, functionally safe, and verifiable for standardization.

The high reliable automated vehicle guidance system developed supports in

  • Improving traffic safety – saving lives, saving freight, and saving vehicle
  • Improving lane capacities – carrying multiple lanes of traffic in a single lane
  • Improving range and vehicle utilization – distance covered by vehicles in a day
  • Improving energy efficiency – improving mileage, reducing fuel consumption due to less breaking, aerodynamic drag
  • Improving environment wellbeing, driver wellbeing and social wellbeing.
  • Improving the level of service of transportation and travel comfort comparable to high-speed rail.

Company History

  • Pre-2018

    ➡ Early validation from leading ecosystem members in Automated Vehicles space including (i) Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH) at UC Berkeley (ii) California Department of Transportation (Caltrans); (iii) Advanced Highway Maintenance & Construction Technology Research Center (AHMCT) at University of California Davis

    ➡ US Patent: 10196069 Methods and systems of algorithmically controlling automotive functions

    ➡ US Patent application: US20190243378A1 Radar-based guidance and wireless control for automated vehicle platooning and lane keeping on an automated highway system

  • 2018

    ➡ Incorporation of Sirab Technologies Transportation Pvt Ltd

    ➡ Won TechConnect Innovation Award in Anaheim, California USA

    ➡ US Patent: 10732636 Automated driving system and method for road vehicles; Filed: 10 Sep 2018

    ➡ MoU with Government of Andhra Pradesh

    ➡ Selection by Govt of India to participate in World Economic Forum Annual Summit

  • 2019

    ➡ TiE50 Finalist, Silicon Valley, USA

    ➡ LOI for Automated Vehicle based People Mover Project

    ➡ Selected for Grant-in-Aid under Atal New India Challenge, NITI Aayog, Govt of India

  • 2020

    ➡ Bosch DNA Alliance Program