Embedded Software – Safety Critical Systems

With a mission to solve traffic safety and congestion problem, Sirab Technologies has developed proprietary vehicle navigation guidance and automation architecture to address pain points of deploying a safe, reliable automated vehicles.

In Embedded Software – Safety Critical team, the candidate will be responsible for the development of embedded systems software for automated driving application. The candidate needs to have a good understanding of embedded systems design and software development for real-time safety-critical applications in automotive and/avionics applications. Has knowledge and skills in multiple RTOSes(VxWorks, Integrity, Nucleus etc), multicore processors (RISC, DSP including PowerPC, ARM and Intel). Knowledge of time-triggered operating systems like Partitioning OSes, Separation Kernels and Virtualization (Hypervisors) would be required.

Department: Safety Critical Systems
Education: M.Tech/ME degree in Electronic Engineering

Description of main activities:

  • Perform design and development of embedded software to develop early concept investigation and technology development including hardware/software partitioning and identifying and implementing system timing requirements
  • Analyze and develop system requirements from simulations and customer feedback.
  • Develop and prototype systems software on an embedded hardware platform with modular and scalable architectures. Develop and finetune system performance to meet requirements.
  • Lead and develop activities in relation with system simulation methodologies and tuning of system performance.
  • Apply best processes for safety-critical software development for automotive applications including MISRA and ISO26262.


  • M.Tech/ME degree in Electronic Engineering with focus on DSP, computer architecture and embedded systems and software. Ph.D would be a plus.
  • 0 – 3 years of experience in the automotive and/or avionics industries
  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles of Systems Engineering as applied to embedded systems for safety-critical applications.