Senior Engineer – Radar, Wireless and Signal Processing

With a mission to solve traffic safety and congestion problem, Sirab Technologies has developed proprietary vehicle navigation guidance and automation architecture to address pain points of deploying a safe, reliable automated vehicles.

In Radar Engineering team, candidate will be responsible to carry out activities on automotive radars, system simulation activities and analysis for wireless sensor and communications technologies including millimeter wave beam forming radar and hard real-time communications over wireless links for vehicular control.

Department: Radar, Wireless and Signal Processing
Education: PhD or Master’s degree Electronic Engineering

Description of main activities:

  • Perform simulations to develop early concept investigation and technology development
  • Analyze and optimize radar performance for vehicular guidance.
  • Develop system models & concepts including signal processing strategies for radar signal processing as physical and link layer specifications for wireless control links.
  • Lead and develop activities in relation with system simulation methodologies and tuning of system performance.


  • PhD or Master’s degree Electronic Engineering with emphasis on Digital Signal Processing including Antenna Theory and Physical Layer Algorithms.
  • Over 5 years of exclusive experience in automotive radar industry
  • Very good knowledge on Beam Forming and Signal Processing for Phased Array Radar.
  • Good skills in Sensor Technologies linked to vehicle guidance.
  • Understanding of performance requirements for hard real-time systems design of Physical and MAC layer for control communications.
  • Few years in developing Signal Processing Algorithms in Matlab /Simulink
  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles of Systems Engineering
  • Good abilities to analyze and optimize performance
  • Strong own drive to research and to develop new technology with focus on customer needs
  • Motivate, open mind-set, ability to take initiatives
  • Visionary but still pragmatic and business focused mind-set
  • Agility to work in group as well as with people from other culture